Travel & Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, contributing 7.6 trillion USD to the global economy in 2016, in which online travel booking was 565B USD.

Travelers can quickly search and book their hotels, cruises, flights … online rather than booking via travel agencies. The money that visitors use for booking must go through a provider of intermediary (OTA) or payment services (Banks, Paypal, VISA, MASTERCARD…) and then reach the service providers with long wait duration, foreign currency exchange, high fees, no privacy and higher security risk.

The HI-TEK Team has more than 20 years of experience in building and developing online payment solutions which are the foundation of introducing the HIC.  HIC is created with the purpose of providing an alternative payment method for 70% no credit card worldwide travelers especially in Asia countries (Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Hong Kong, UAE, Malaysia, India, China), making the best way to book at our premier booking portals. 

We intend to sign up worldwide travel partners and service providers to use this secured HIC merchant payment system.

The idea to create an exchange was born when we learned that many users have to register to the dozen of exchanges to trade several coins, and so to overcome that and provide robust services to users we started building on our sole exchange.

HIC exchanges is required KYC – AML. Our exchange platform will provide One-Stop-Solution for the entire crypto industry. We aim to create centralized, easy to use and safe exchange that can be used everywhere by everybody worldwide.

1. What is a HI-TEKCoin Cryptocurrency and how does it work?

HI-TEKCoin Cryptocurrency (also known as HIC – 100% backed by Travel Services) is the World's First Live Blockchain-Based Travel Ecosystem and decentralized P2P-platform in the market of travel tourism industry that will take a crypto-economic approach to incentivize the direct sharing of value between hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, entertainments, Vietnamese Visas, Membership… and the world-wide travelers at substantially discounted rates. HIC will also offer a variety of other benefits, including instantaneous payments all over the world and a transparent system. By using the platform, customers have ability to buy all types of travel services provided by the HI-TEK family of companies at https://Travel.vn and https://Prebook.com

2. Why do we need Blockchain in the tourism?
Blockchain technology allows the creation of a decentralized digital economy that doesn’t rely on a third party to function. That cutting edge innovation allows for our protocol/token, HIC, to be a non-dilutive alternative to traditional booking schemes, while allowing value to be shared amongst the eco-system participants. This is what allows us to eliminate the 15-20% commission charges you would see from other Online Travel Agency (OTA) companies. Our HIC TravelPay™ payments system by using blockchain technology can save our customers at least 5% from Visa and Master Card, American Express transaction fee on every booking or transaction through our entire online booking platform.

3. Will HIC be traded on exchanges?
HI-TEKCoin Cryptocurrency holders can use them in transactions and trades, in the same way that you use fiat currency. Due to its decentralized nature, there’s nothing to prevent any token holder from transferring HIC tokens freely and release them on the secondary market.

4. Where and how can I purchase HIC?
HI-TEKCoin Cryptocurrency (also known as HIC - 100% Backed by Travel Services at https://Travel.vn and https://Prebook.com) is the World's First Live Blockchain-Based Travel Ecosystem that is used as a medium of exchange between traveler and booking vendors within the HI-TEK TravelPay™ Ecosystem. HIC can be purchased at www.hi-tek.io, which sales to general public .